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"The Dairy Nubians"

1989: GCH Osage, GCH Camelia, GCH Tammy
1991 Best Three: GCH Tammy, GCH
Tamille, GCH Tamori
1992: GCH Tamae, GCH Tamille,
GCH Tammy
2000:SGCH Tamesa, SGCH Tarantella,
SGCH Tacoma
1992: SGCH Psyche, SGCH
Perfection, SGCH Peninsula
1994 Best Three: SGCH Peninsula,
SGCH Psyche, SG Peace
2001: SGCH Allegra, SGCH Sparkle,
SGCH Tamarah
2000 : SGCH Arcadia, SGCH Tamarah,
SGCH Atlanta, SGCH Tacoma
2000: SGCH Altanta, SGCH Tarantella,
SGCH Sparkle, SGCH Tamarah
2003:  SGCH La Linda, SGCH
Allegra, Tamarind
1998 Dairy Herd: SGCH Bluebelle,
Prelude, GCH Tamaulipas, SGCH Altanta
1995: SGCH Peninsula, SGCH Psyche,
SGCH Atlanta
2003 Best Three: Samba, GCH
Starfire, SGCH Allegra
2003: GCH Starfire, Samba, Denae,
SGCH Allegra
Wingwood Farm
1794 Hilltop Dr.
Willits Ca 95490
2004: SGCH La Linda GCH Starfire,
SGCH Allegra
2005: GCH Adagio, GCH Allegra,
SGCH La Linda
1999 ADGA National Show 1st
Place Best Three: SGCH Tamarah,
SGCH Tacoma, GCH Tamaulipas
2007 Best Three:
SGCH Alegretto, SGCH Taylor, SGCH
2008 :SGCH Guadalajara, SG
Aminance, GCH Toni, SGCH Sophia
2008:SGCH Allegretto, SGCH
Sophia, SGCH Guadalajara
2008: SGCH Allegretto,  SG Aminance,
SGCH Sophia, SGCH Guadalajara
Wingwood Farm began 40 years ago and what a tremendous journey it has been. With the help of my
husband, Walter, who has supported me 100%, and later my two daughters, Fauna and Trinity, we
have been the breeders of some truly awesome does and bucks, making a small contribution to the
advancement of the Nubian breed. Now the time has come to consider how all of this will end. I've
slowed down considerably and neither of my daughters, at this point, is going to be a Nubian breeder.
A serendipitous call from Stephanie Rovey of  La Grande, Oregon last spring opened a door. I
needed to  reduce my herd and she was going to need more stock for her start-up commercial dairy.
Stephanie is a long time Nubian breeder, totally dedicated to the breed and, having used a buck of
ours, is knowledgeable  about our bloodlines. I feel so fortunate to have found a breeder willing to
carry on the Wingwood Farm legacy. I hope they will bring her as much joy as they have me.

For the 2016 season the breeding herd is reduced to 8 mature does.
With Fauna and Trinity's help
we will also freshen the 2014-15 junior does and 2 dry yearlings. Since the does were sent bred to
Stephanie's, we have kept them on our website, but indicated that they now reside in Oregon, and
Stephanie is the person to contact about reservations on their kids. Since I am familiar with them,
however, please do not hesitate to ask me for any information or advice on them. With the reduced
numbers I will be taking care of sales this year, though Trinity will still help me with the shipping. So
please contact me, instead of Trinity, whenever you are ready to place reservations, though both of
us are available for general information and advice.

Wingwood Farm is a reservoir of some pretty impressive genetics and we are particularly pleased
with the progress we have made in the last few years in the production end of things. In particular,
Timothy and Tao (3rd Elite Buck) have greatly influenced the production of our does. In addition,
2015, our lovely Arista finished her championship and was 1st place 3yr old and Reserve Best Udder
at the National Show.
We also had one 1st and two 2nd in the Jr Doe Champion line-up. In the
Senior Doe Champion line-up, six does had Wingwood Farm animals in the immediate pedigree. In
we received Reserve Premier Breeder and SGCH Wingwood Farm Playtime Teasel 10* had
the highest 305 day lactation in the show and SGCH Wingwood Farm
Tim's Althea 1*M  had  the
high 305 day butterfat record.

We think are girls are awesome. We hope you do too.
2008:SGCH Sophia, SGCH
Guadalajara, SG Aminance
3rd place Dairy Herd 2009 National Show:GCH
Toni, Suzette, SGCH Guadalajara, SG Aminance,
2nd place Best Three Females 2009 National
Show:   Suzette, GCH Toni SG Aminance,
2005: SGCH La Linda, SGCH
Allegretto, SGCH Allegra
2010 Best Three Females
SGCH Amiance, SGCH Allegretto, SG Tassajara
2010 Best Three Females
SG Tassajara, SGCH Sophia, GCH Sonya
2010 Dairy Herd
SGCH Amiance, SGCH Allegretto, SG
Tassajara, Tansy
You will see in our individual doe
descriptions that we are on DHIR test
and we do linear appraisal when
possible. We attend about 2-3 Fairs
annually, as well as a few club shows.
In Northern California, Nubian
breeders compete in strong
competition, thanks all the herds who
keep the standard of excellence very

Because of the need to control the size
of  the herd, we sell a number of high
quality kids and does. If you are
interested, make sure to contact us
early. We do not take deposits on buck
or doe kids, but if you express an
interest in a particular breeding, let us
know, and we will immediately contact
you after the doe has freshened.
Reservations are on a first come first
serve basis.

We hope you enjoy browsing through
our web site. Wingwood Farm does
and bucks have crossed quite
successfully with several herds in the
country and we are confident that an
animal from our herd will bring
something special to your herd.
2011 Dairy Herd
SG Toledo, GCH Sasha, GCH Tansy,
SGCH Aminance
2011 Best Three
SG Toledo, GCH Sasha, SGCH Aminance
2012 Best Three
SG Toledo, GCH Tansy, SG Teasel
First Place Best Three Females
2012 ADGA National Show
SG Toledo, Amira, GCH Sasha
2013 Ca. State Fair 1st place Dairy Herd
SGCH Althea, Topeka, SGCH Aminance,
SGCH Toledo
2013 Sonoma County Fair 1st place Dairy Herd
Topeka, SG Bonita, SGCH Althea, SGCH Toledo
2013 Best Three
SGCH Althea, Topeka, SGCH Toledo
2014 Ca. State Fair 1st place Best Three
SGCH Topeka, GCH Althea, Arista
2014 Ca. State Fair 1st place Dairy Herd SGCH
Topeka, GCH Althea, SGCH Teasel, Arista
2015 Nationals 3rd Place Best Three
SGCH Topeka, SGCH Teasel, GCH Arista
2015 Nationals 3rd Place Dairy Herd
GCH Arista, SG Trefoil, SGCH Teasel, SGCH Topeka
2015 Nationals 2nd Place Senior Get
Daug. of +*B SG Wingwood Farm Vista's Tao
SGCH Topeka, BecauseIam, GCH Arista